Introduction of  Master TOSHIRO OKADA Sensei



    Master Toshiro Okada Sei Hanshi 10th Dan, who is the Soke of Asian Martial Arts Association Ryukyu Shorin-ryu Karate-do (東洋武道連盟 琉球少林流空手道), the Soke of Shingetu Enshin-ryu Kobudo (Weapons) (神月円心流古武道), and the chairman of Gesshinkai has been training many disciples and also making significant contributions to the development of Japanese traditional Karate-do and Kobudo.  


     His interest in karate started in 1945 during his early childhood. He was fascinated by the moral practice and the ability to fight against your enemies unarmed. In his long endeavour to master karate, he studied various Okinawa karate styles including Shorin-ryu, Kenyū-ryū, Shitō-ryū, Gōjū-ryū, Uechi-ryū, Matsubayashi-ryu, Kobudo and many more.

    He was directly taught Shorin-ryu karate-do by Master Zenpō Shimabukuro, <島袋善保先生> who was the first board/president of the United Okinawa Karate-do Federation (全沖縄空手道連盟). During 1960 - 1963, he visited 50 dojos in Okinawa and learned Karate-do and kobudo.

     In 1996, he was directly taught the original versions of the Seven Kata (Anankū, Wanshū, Chintō, Seisan, Gojūshiho, Passai, Kūshankū) and Tokumine no Kon by Master Jōen Nakazato, who was the head of the Shorinji-ryu Soke Kyudoukan.  He also learned various other martial arts such as Nihon Kenpo, Kendo, Aikido. After many years of practicing and mastering traditional karate-do and kobudo, which originated from ancient China, he founded Gesshinkai Karate to unite the diverse styles of karate.


     As a Japanese Martial Arts Karate Shihan, Kansai University Kobudo Shihan, and a director of Japan West Karate Federation, he greatly contributed to making Okinawa Martial Arts one of the major martial arts in Japan. He competed in many karate competitions and received various awards throughout his career as a Karate-Ka. He also appeared in many Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) TV shows.




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